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Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Set)

Commonly referred to as the "Lawyers' Bible", Halsbury's Laws of Australia is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to Australian law. Authored by distinguished legal practitioners Halsbury’s Laws of Australia provides succinct commentary on the current state of the law, supported by primary authority with direct online links to CaseBase and LawNow. With its 90 titles covering both mainstream and niche subject areas, Halsbury’s Laws of Australia provides a one-stop shop for initial legal research and saves time.
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Product description

Halsbury's Laws of Australia is a legal encyclopaedia providing a comprehensive overview of Australian law, and is a must-have reference tool for legal professionals in private and public sectors, librarians and students. Halsbury's 90 titles cover both mainstream and little known subject areas. Halsbury's Laws of Australia presents principles of law in a succinct propositional style, supported by extensive references to Australian legislative and judicial authority which allow users to quickly find the required information and conduct further research. Each subject within this encyclopaedia of law is written by highly-experienced and well-regarded authors and then extensively checked to ensure accuracy.