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Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia, 7th Edition

The only authoritative book focusing exclusively on Strata Titles in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Product description

The only authoritative book focusing exclusively on Strata Titles in Singapore and Malaysia. • Contains substantial update to the law in Singapore and Malaysia as well as case law update since the 2020 edition • Includes amendments made to the Singapore Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act, Land Titles (Strata) Act and the Sarawak legislation • More than 30 new cases have been identified to reflect current positions based on judicial decisions made in Singapore and Malaysia • Discusses also significant decisions of the Singapore Strata Titles Boards

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction 
Chapter 2 Application and Requirements for Subdivision of Building or Land
Chapter 3 Phased Development
Chapter 4 Maintenance and Management of Building and Common Property Prior to Formation of Management Corporation or Subsidiary Management Corporation
Chapter 5 Lots / Parcels and Accessory Lots / Accessory Parcels
Chapter 6 Common Property and Limited Common Property
Chapter 7 The Management Corporation and Subsidiary Management Corporation
Chapter 8 The Original Proprietor
Chapter 9 The Council / Management Committee and Executive Committee / Subsidiary Management Committee
Chapter 10 The Subsidiary / Parcel Proprietors
Chapter 11 Meetings of Proprietors
Chapter 12 Share Value / Share Unit Entitlements
Chapter 13 Finances and Insurance
Chapter 14 Managing Agents
Chapter 15 By-Laws
Chapter 16 Variation or Termination of Strata Subdivision Scheme
Chapter 17 Resolution of Disputes
Chapter 18 Subdivision of Low-Cost Building
Chapter 19 Conversion of Leases of Flats under Other Schemes to Strata Title
Chapter 20 Foreign Ownership