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A student guide to Equity and Equitable Remedies in Malaysia

This book can be used in other law schools offering the Bachelor of Laws programme such as UM, UiTM, UKM, UNiSZa, UUM, USIM, MMU and Taylors University. All law students who are reading law in Malaysia will have to undertake the core subject of Equity and Trust. It is also useful as a source of reference to law schools outside Malaysia and other members with legal background in all sectors, locally or at the international front, as it offers a use preliminary insight on how equitable remedies and relief work in Malaysia.
Publisher: LexisNexis
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789674006310
Publisher: LexisNexis
Country: Malaysia

Product description

This book aims to provide an overview on the concept of equity, its historical development in England and its application in the Malaysian legal system. It also discusses selected equitable maxims and various types of equitable concepts such as equitable assignment and equitable estoppel. In addition, this book focuses on a simple yet accurate analysis of the existing equitable remedies and relief such as specific performance, rescission, rectification and injunction. As equitable remedies and relief will ultimately be prayed for in a considerable number of civil litigation, this book was written to provide a clear and easy source of reference and guide for law students to understand the working of these equitable concepts, remedies and relief. Students will be able to appreciate and have a firm grasp of the application of the Specific Relief Act 1950, the statute providing for equitable remedies and relief to the courts in Malaysia. This book has an added value as it incorporates the concept of equity in Islam together with a discussion on Islamic Maxims.

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