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Constitutional Law in Malaysia and Singapore (eBook)

This book established itself as the standard casebook in Constitutional Law for law schools in Malaysia and Singapore.
Publisher: LexisNexis
RM 250.00
Published: 28 December, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9789814770408
Publisher: LexisNexis
Country: Malaysia

Product description

This book established itself as the standard casebook in Constitutional Law for law schools in Malaysia and Singapore. To truly appreciate the disposition of constitutional law, a sound understanding of a country's history, economy, sociology and politics is needed. This book offers the student and casual reader, a wide range of readings covering these areas. Appropriate relevant introductions, notes, questions, commentaries and references have been provided. The chapters in this book have been re-ordered to reflect a more current view on how the subject should be approached, with the caveat that each topic is still self contained and may be used on its own in a more fragmented context. The number of cases and secondary material on the subject has also grown dramatically over the years and the jurisprudence of the Malaysian and Singaporean courts have diverged to the extent that this may well be the last edition that can practically accommodate such divergence in a single volume. A culmination of the authors knowledge based on their combined teaching experience of almost 40 years, this book is an authoritative reference on the subject matter.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Rise of Constitutionalism and Constitutional Law 
Chapter 2: The Constitutional Development of Malaysia and Singapore
Chapter 3: Supremacy of the Constitution and Constitutional Amendments
Chapter 4: Special Powers Against Subversion and Emergency Powers
Chapter 5: The Legislature
Chapter 6: The Executive
Chapter 7: The Attorney-General
Chapter 8: The Public Service
Chapter 9: The Judiciary
Chapter 10: Constitutional Interpretation
Chapter 11: Fundamental Liberties and Human Rights: An Introduction
Chapter 12: Protection of Life and Liberty
Chapter 13: Rights of the Accused Person
Chapter 14: Protection Against Retrospective Criminal Laws
Chapter 15: Protection Against Double Jeopardy
Chapter 16: The Right to Equality and Equal Protection
Chapter 17: Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Association
Chapter 18: Right to Property
Chapter 19: Freedom of Religion
Chapter 20: Citizenship