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Book (Soft cover)
ISBN/ISSN: 9789672701637
Published: 01 November, 2022
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ISBN/ISSN: 9789672701644
Published: 01 November, 2022
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Product description

The Constitutional Law in Malaysia comprises of 28 chapters and is an all-encompassing text of constitutional law on a wide range of important areas under the Federal Constitution. It covers topics such as constitutional supremacy, fundamental human rights, federalism, citizenship, elections, roles and powers of the executive, legislature and the judiciary, public services and public servants, Attorney-General, special powers against subversion and emergency powers, constitutional interpretation and constitutional amendments. The important components of the Islamic constitution and the significant role of constitutions under international law are also featured in this book. The book provides a step-by-step guide on the subject with reference to the provisions of the Federal Constitution and the decided cases of the superior courts. Besides that, the chapters are written in a simple and comprehensive manner so the content could be easily read by all. The theoretical and practical application of the Malaysian Federal Constitution would be an excellent source of reference for undergraduate law students as well as non-legal communities.

Key Features:

  • Clear and detailed explanation on each Constitutional Law topics
  • In-depth analysis supported by rich citation of cases and provisions of the Federal Constitution
  • Chapter contributors are empanelled from various local universities as well as members of current and former legislative and executive bodies
  • Chapter structure follows the course outline of most Malaysian universities • Coverage of the Islamic constitution and the significant role of constitutions under international law

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Parameters of Constitutionalism in Malaysia and Beyond: Some Introductory Thoughts
Chapter 2 Malaysian Federal Constitution: An Historical Overview
Chapter 3 Federalism
Chapter 4 Constitutional Supremacy, Basic Structure and Constitutional Oath Doctrine
Chapter 5 Right to Life and Personal Liberty
Chapter 6 Unlawful Detention and Rights of Arrested Person
Chapter 7 Slavery and Forced Labour
Chapter 8 Retrospective Criminal Laws and Double Jeopardy
Chapter 9 Equality and Equal Protection
Chapter 10 Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Association
Chapter 11 Right to Property
Chapter 12 Freedom of Religion
Chapter 13 Right to Education
Chapter 14 Citizenship: Its Acquisition
Chapter 15 Citizenship: Termination and Deprivation
Chapter 16 Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Conference of Rulers
Chapter 17 Executive
Chapter 18 Legislature
Chapter 19 Judiciary
Chapter 20 Elections
Chapter 21 Public Services and Public Servants
Chapter 22 Attorney General
Chapter 23 Special Powers against Subversion
Chapter 24 Emergency Powers
Chapter 25 Constitutional Interpretation
Chapter 26 Constitutional Amendments
Chapter 27 Constitutional Law: Islamic Perspective
Chapter 28 Constitutional Law: International Law Perspective