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LexisNexis® 40 Under 40

LexisNexis’s 40 UNDER 40 is an exclusive industry recognition that selects 40 professionals who are 40 years old or younger and show tremendous potential to grow and motivation to lead the development of the legal sector. The class of 2023 is selected from nominees from across Asia-Pacific and we have a regional list and a national list. Winning nominees will be honoured with in-depth profiles, which will be featured on LexisNexis's digital channels (websites, social media, newsletters, the Lexis Advance platform, press release, and partner networks).
RM 4,850.00
Published: 13 June, 2023

Product description

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 is an exclusive industry recognition that selects 40 professionals who are 40 years old or younger and show tremendous potential to grow and motivation to lead the development of the legal sector in the Asia Pacific.

Key dates

  • Nomination open: 13 June 2023
  • Late nomination deadline: 11:59 PM, 24 July 2023 (Monday, GMT+8)
  • Winner announcement: August 2023
  • Award ceremony: September 2023


● Aged 40 years old or under (born on/after 1 January 1983)

● Individuals in the legal fields
◎ Lawyers, solicitors, barristers, attorneys, paralegals
◎ Legal counsels
◎ Legal technologist
◎ Legal librarians
◎ Legal content producers, publishers, journalists, editors
◎ Legal academics (professors, researchers, lecturers, post-doc fellows, etc.)

● Based in the Asia Pacific.

● No restrictions on ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, gender, sexual orientations or any other factors unless specified.

● Self-nominations and nominations of others are both encouraged.

Why nominate?

● To be featured on LexisNexis’s all digital channels (websites, social media, newsletters, Lexis Advance Hong Kong, press releases, partners) and put your name and works in front of your legal peers, prospects, and media.

● To be assessed by a panel of esteemed judges invited from legal fields across the Asia Pacific.

● To celebrate your / nominees’ achievement that’s rarely seen at your age on a similar career trajectory.

● To demonstrate your / nominees’ passion for winning, capability to deliver the best, and best-in-class work ethics to your clients, partners, networks, colleagues, and employers.

● To recognise and motivate the most promising young talent in your organisation.

How to nominate

Nominations are submitted using the simple online nomination form in English.  You may prepare all information needed by using the nomination template and copy and paste it all at once into the online nomination form.

The nomination is open from 13 June to 24 July 2023 (both inclusive) though nomination fees vary as per the submission times – the earlier the lower.

Nominators are required to fill out the basic information about themselves and nominees, as well as to answer five key questions to demonstrate why the nominees should be selected into LexisNexis’s 40 UNDER 40.

● Regular nomination - MYR 4850

● The nomination fee will be refunded if the nominee doesn't enter the list. Refund doesn't apply to entry withdrawal. Terms and conditions apply.

How to pay a nomination fee

Nominators / Self-nominators must proceed with the payment of the entry fees to complete the nomination process:

Step 1. Complete the payment from this page with the nominator's Email address

Step 2. Screen-capture the payment end page for your own record.

Please contact should you have any enquiries on payment.