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LexisNexis Guide to Litigation - Family Law

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN/ISSN: 9789674004163
Published: 13 October, 2015
RM 180.00
ISBN/ISSN: 9789674005641
Published: 20 April, 2016
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RM 180.00

Product description

The LexisNexis Guide to Litigation series is a specially designed reference series for litigation lawyers, prosecutors and the judiciary. This series provides in depth commentaries of each provision of the relevant Acts.

This book is an essential reference tool for legislation that governs family law in Malaysia. The commentary on each provision of the Domestic Violence Act 1994, and Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, gives a detailed understanding of the legislation. The text of the Domestic Violence (Prescribed Forms) Regulations 1999, Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings Rules 1980, and Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Rules 1982 are included in this book for easy reference. This publication is a vital reference book for family and divorce lawyers, students, and the judiciary.

Key Features

• Full text of the legislation

• History notes of all amendments

• Comprehensive analysis to each provision of the Act

• Specific cross jurisdictional case references and legislations

• Relevant subsidiary legislation (where applicable)