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Personal Injury: Law, Practice and Precedents, Third Edition (Soft Cover)

This book provides clear outlines of the current law, practice and procedure on personal injury litigation.
Book (Soft cover)
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Published: 27 November, 2017
ISBN/ISSN: 9789674007218
Country: Malaysia

Product description

This is the long awaited third edition of an established book on personal injury litigation which was first published in 2001. With each new edition the work has been expanded and improved upon. As before, this edition continues to cater to the needs of the busy legal practitioner and other users by providing clear outlines of the current law, practice and procedure in a user-friendly format.

The book is for legal practitioners practising personal injury law at all levels, students studying law of torts relating to negligence and motor insurance claims e.g. in the Certificate of Legal Practice Course by the Qualify Board of Malaysia and legal executives in insurance companies dealing with motor claims, medical negligence and some other personal injury claims.

Key Features
• Concise outline of the law of personal injury as practised in Malaysia in a single volume relating to motor accidents, medical negligence, occupier’s liability and other areas. Detailed exploration of every aspect of practice / procedure from assessment of potential claims to litigating them in court.
• Comprehensive listing of cases, selected reference materials and statutory provisions relevant to personal injury litigation intended as an everyday manual for the practitioner.
• Step-by-step guide to every stage of the claim process supplemented by numerous precedents.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Sources of Personal Injury Law
Chapter 3 Retainer
Chapter 4 Investigation and Claim Evaluation
Chapter 5 Disposal of Claim Without Trial
Chapter 6 Pleadings
Chapter 7 Pre-Trial Procedure
Chapter 8 Trial
Chapter 9 Appeals
Chapter 10 Recovery of Third Party Damages
Chapter 11 Medical Malpractice (including case summaries)
Chapter 12 Occupier’s Liability
Chapter 13 Accidents at Work, Police on Duty, School Authorities and Product Liability
Chapter 14 Selected legislation and other materials
Chapter 15 Case summaries on Liability
Chapter 16 Case summaries on Damages