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Principles and Practice of Securities Regulations in Singapore, 3rd Edition

The third edition discusses the changes since the last edition: (1) the Penny Stock crash; (2) changes to the Corporate Governance Code 2012; (3) the SF (Amendment) Acts of 2012 and 2017 and other proposed changes to the market abuse regime; (4) dual class shares and other changes from the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014; (5) overseas developments such as the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act; (6) changes to the SGX listing and business rules.
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The outward simplicity of the stock market is deceptive. Behind the interface with the investing public lies a system of rules and regulations of enormous complexity. Securities regulation is one area of the law where practice has an immediate and significant impact. It is not enough to know chapter and verse of the rules; how the market works is also important. For the lawyer who is called upon to advise his client, this is an area fraught with danger.

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