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Sarawak Land Code (Chapter 81) With Relevant Subsidiary Legislation

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN/ISSN: 9789674005283
Published: 01 March, 2016
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The Sarawak Land Code is the main legislation in Sarawak for the classification of land and the provision of rights and titles over land, also to make better provision in the law relating to land. It also governs matters relating to the collection of revenue, land survey and demarcation, enforcement and penalties for offences related to land and land ownership. This compilation contains the Sarawak Land Code and all the relevant subsidiary legislation passed under the Land Code. The subsidiary legislation in this book is: • Land (Premia, Rents and Fees) Rules • Land Code (Development and Subdivision of Land) (Qualified Persons) Rules 1998 • Land Code (Development and Subdivision of Land) (Parking Space) Rules 1998 • Land Code (Development and Subdivision of Land) (Fees) Rules 1998