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Wellness for Law: Making Wellness Core Business (eBook)

Wellness for Law: Making Wellness Core Business provides strategies and insights for managing mental well-being in law students, academics and the legal profession. by Adiva Sifris (Author), Judith Marychurch (Author)
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Product description

Wellness for Law: Making Wellness Core Business provides strategies and insights for managing mental well-being in law students, academics and the legal profession. by Adiva Sifris (Author), Judith Marychurch (Author)

Table of contents

Part 1 — Making Wellness Core Business in Legal Education and the Profession

Making Wellness Core Business — Judith Marychurch & Adiva Sifris

Part 2 — The mental health of Australia’s tertiary students

Safeguarding the ‘mental wealth’ of Australian university — Vivienne Brown & Nicholas Fava

Part 3 — The lived experience of Australian law students

Wellness and Wellbeing at Monash University: The First Semester Law Experience — Daniel O’Loughlin, Adiva Sifris & Becky Batagol

Personal Insight: Pragmatic Concern for Law Student Wellbeing- Financial Security, Autonomous Learning and Compassionate Teaching — Ellen Roberts

Personal Insight: It’s Your Journey: Overcoming the Adversity of Law School — Christian Lane

Connecting student wellbeing and service design: Creating Community and Cultivating Future Skills — Sophie Tversky

Part 4 — The lived experience of Australian law teachers

Fit your own oxygen mask first: The Contemporary Neoliberal University and the well-being of legal academics — Colin James, Caroline Strevens, Rachael Field, Claire Wilson

Why bother if the students don’t? The impact of declining student attendance at lectures on law teacher wellbeing — Kate Offer, Murray Wesson, Fiona McGaughey, Natalie Skead & Liam Elphick

Part 5 — The core business of supporting students: lessons from the coalface

Partnership with students for a whole of school approach to wellbeing — Judith Marychurch

On Being a Legal Educator: Responsible Teaching for Law, Justice and Wellness — Claire Carroll & Rachel Spencer

A Missing Piece of the Puzzle? The Relationship between Empathy and Mental Health for Law Students — Becky Batagol, Adiva Sifris, Ben Spivak, Brett Williams & Natalia Antolak-Saper

Hopeful Perspectives: Incorporating hope theory in Australian law students’ academic experience — Claire Holland & Donnalee Taylor

From Alienation to Empowerment: How Legal Educators Can Support Student Well-being — Bill Swannie

Music for Life; for Lawyers and Law Students — Michael Appleby

Practising what you perceive: Time perspective for life harmony and finding flow — Desi Vlahos

Integrating wellbeing skills and practices into professional curriculum: Challenges and opportunities — Mark Seton

Part 6 — The Importance of Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

Wellness for Law Forum 2019 - Making Wellness Core Business Keynote Address — Anne Ferguson

Minds Count: Next Steps — Cindy Penrose

Lawyer Wellbeing in the (Robotic) Face of Technological Change — Felicity Bell, Justine Rogers & Michael Legg

Anxiety: It’s Not What We Think? — Florence Thum

Wellness and Going Bush — Pamela Taylor-Barnett & Liz Curran

Part 7 — Transitioning to the Profession — Advice for Young Lawyers

Personal Insight: The Later Lawyer’s Transition to the Legal Profession — John Stack

Personal Insight: The Subtle Art of Thriving in Law — Leah Serafim
Starting Legal Practice, but Avoiding a Nervous Breakdown — Simon Stretton

Personal Insight - Thriving in your career — Claire Humble

Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Benefit ‘New’ and Emerging Lawyers — Doris Bozin, Allison Ballard & Vicki de Prazer

Part 8 — The Lived Experience of the Profession

Ten years in review: the case for a relational focus in health and wellbeing counselling services provided to barristers — Bernadette Healy

Shifting the conversation: Collaborating with the profession to improve lawyer wellbeing — Fiona McLeay

Personal Insight: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly — Leanne Cain

Part 9 — The Lived Experience of the Judiciary

Forward Operating Base Parramatta: What really troubles judges on the front line — Joe Harman

Personal Insight: Judicial wellness: independence, isolation and collegiality — Clyde Croft